Bloodtide (Blood #1) by Melvin Burgess

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Genre: Apocalyptic / Dystopian / Mythology Retelling

Synopsis: ‘Love. Hate. So what? This is family. This is business.’

London is in ruins. The once-glorious city is now a gated wasteland cut off from the rest of the country and in the hands of two warring families – the Volsons and the Connors.

Val Volson offers the hand of his young daughter, Signy, to Connor as a truce. At first the marriage seems to have been blessed by the gods, but betrayal and deceit are never far away in this violent world, and the lives of both families are soon to be changed for ever…

200words (or less) review: Wow this book certainly is something. Though if I’m perfectly honest I’m not sure what that something is. Bloodtide is addictive reading, you can’t just read one chapter – you keep going and going and before you know it’s the middle of the book.

There are lots of things I loved about Bloodtide: it’s gritty, vivid (the world-building is spectacular), the writing and the book doesn’t make nice. There’s no filtering or sugarcoating. I respect that and while there were parts that certainly made me squirm I’m glad that Bloodtide is the way it is.

Based in part on the “Volsunga Saga” (which I consequently looked up) Siggy and Signy’s story is tragic. Signy’s father hands her over to Connor to marry him, she’s 14 and Connor is ‘not as old as Signy’s father’ (so that’s ok then – not). As the story progresses things get worse and well there was a point where I considered putting the book down. I didn’t and I’m happy I finished it.

Bloodtide will stay with you for a good while after you’ve finished reading it.

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