The 2015 UKYA Blogger Awards

On Saturday I attended the first of what will hopefully turn into the annual UKYA Blogger Awards.

“The UKYA Blogger Awards have been set up in recognition of the services given to authors and publishers by the book-blogging community.”



It was an evening of representing everything I love about our community. Everybody was happy, friendly and full of cheer (regardless of whether or not they had been at the wine). Yes, as James Dawson rightly said, we were in the basement but it’s a bookshop basement so that was most excellent, though rather dangerous. My eyes did wonder, if they’d put us in the YA section for the awards. Well my goodness…

Huge congratulations to the winners, the shortlist and ALL the bloggers.

Below are the categories with the winners highlighted:

Champion of YA (sponsored by Hatchette) –
QueenofContemporary/SisterSpooky/SnugglingontheSofa/ Readraptor/SerendipityReviews/OnceUponaBookcase/OverflowingLibrary

Champion of Content (sponsored by Faber and Faber) –

Blogger’s Blogger (sponsored by Catnip) –

Blogger of the Year (sponsored by Walker) –

Champion Newcomer (sponsored by Little Tiger Press) –

Champion Vlogger (sponsored by Mira Ink) –

Champion of Social Media (sponsored by Bloomsbury) –

Champion Teen Blogger (sponsored by Egmont) –
QueenofContemporary/MileLongBookshelf /ThirstforFiction/CheezyFeetBooks/CicLovesBooks

Champion Adult Blogger (sponsored by Penguin Random House) –
FlutteringButterflies/WritingfromtheTub/SisterSpooky/WondrousReads/AnAwfulLotofReading/ BookAngelBooktopia/NarrativelySpeaking/Readaraptor/SerendipityReviews/OverflowingLibrary

Champion of Diversity in YA (sponsored by Hot Key) –

WingedReviews, TalesofYesterday, Andy Robb, SerendipityReviews, YAYeahYeah, PewterWolf & SisterSpooky

WingedReviews, TalesofYesterday, Andy Robb, SerendipityReviews, YAYeahYeah, PewterWolf & SisterSpooky

After the trophies, speeches and THAT reaction to Jonathan Stroud (there was a rather appreciative gasp from the crowd) we all mingled. I spent a lot of time hugging people – that I knew! (Feel like I should point that out, I didn’t just spring hugs on unsuspecting stranger’s/new nice people to meet).

I got to see bloggers and authors that I knew through twitter and frequently apologised for my appalling name/face recognition abilities. On more than one occasion I recognised somebody by book instead of name… Oops. I remember actually happy jumping when I cottoned on to the fact that Sarah was Sarah Mussi, Siege-Sarah Mussi. (Sorry again Sarah!)

One surreal but amazing part of the evening was that between Jim (YAYeahYeah), Abi Elphinstone & Alexia Casale I had my own advertising team. People would come up and ask me if I was the one who made the book jewellery. AWESOME. Thank you guys, I adore you for that and all the other things.

The 2015 UKYA Blogger Awards were fantastic, great, brilliant, fabulous, incredible and terrific. We should definitely repeat them. 😀



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