Operation Bunny (Wings & Co #1) by Sally Gardner

16064347How did I get the book? I bought it.

Genre: Fantasy / Mystery

Previously reviewed: Maggot Moon

Synopsis: A brand-new quirky series about a fairy detective agency brimming with mystery and magic by million-copy selling author Sally Gardner, and illustrated by bestselling artist, David Roberts.

Emily Vole makes headline news in the first weeks of her life, when she is found in an abandoned hatbox in Stansted Airport.

Then, only a few years later, her neighbour Mrs String dies leaving Emily a mysterious inheritance: an old shop, a small bunch of golden keys and a cat called Fidget. It’s the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime as the old Fairy Detective Agency comes back to life.

It is up to Emily to reopen the shop, and recall the fairies to duty. Together they must embark on their first mystery and do battle with their great fairy-snatching enemy, Harpella.

200words (or less) review: Oh my goodness how in love with this book am I? Operation Bunny has been sitting on my shelf for a few months and I picked it up one Sunday only to fall head over heels… and not just a little. After the first paragraph there was no going back.

I adored the world Sally Gardner created. You have wonderful characters. Like Emily, who after being left in a hatbox at the airport is adopted. While her new parents-slash-employers leave much to be desired but they have Miss String as a next door neighbour. Miss String is truly splendid in my opinion and I might just adopt saying “buddleia” the next time something goes wrong and I can’t leave out Fidget. Very fish-orientated in his vocabulary but so purrrfect (yes I went there!)

Between the marvellous writing, the story and characters I was book-heaven.

Operation Bunny is the first book in the Wings & Co and if you’re anything like me you’ll want to read the next book as soon as you’ve finished the first.

Recommend it?

Sunshine Star

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