Blog Tour: Lili by Wen Dee Tan

Lili finds it hard to make friends with her fiery red hair, but one day, Lili finds the village children lost in the deep dark woods and her bravery (and hair) leads them all home safely. Lili is a beautiful story of overcoming rejection and being accepted for who you are – something that will resonate with children and adults everywhere.

Review: I never had fiery red hair growing up, though there is a distinct ginger streak on my mother’s side of the family. In fact my hair was almost white when I was little, that coupled with my shyness and short statue meant I was frequently on the outside looking in.

Lili’s isolation is something I remember well. It’s something I think almost everybody still experiences at some point but it’s really hard when you’re young.

Wen De Tan’s art is beautiful. Lili’s hair is the only colour so she stands out even more. There is something very endearing about Lili and I imagine children wanting to be her friend. I think I would have wanted to, especially if could provide warmth and light with a flick of her hair. How amazing is that?

Lili is a captivating book, I adore the artwork so much!


QuickfireRound with Wen Dee Tan

Tea or coffee?
Tea (but also love coffee)

Author and Illustrator. Graduate of MA Children’s Book Illustration, Cambridge School of Art (2014). @wendee_tan

When no one is watching do you dance?
Can’t dance!

First thing you’d draw if there was no set idea?
Girl’s face (drew a lot of girls and princesses when I was young, almost a reflex)

You can have one magic power, what would you like?
Defy gravity (mentally and physically)

What word describes you best?
Right now, it’d have to be “frantic”.

You’re at the airport with a free pass to get on any plane – where would you go?
Seoul (South Korea). Have been wanting to visit for years.

Best dessert?
Creme brulee

What’s the perfect cure to a bad day?
Iced milk tea

Favourite place?
A quiet corner in a bookshop

And finally, what is the question you wish people would ask and never do?
Q: What do you hope to achieve with your books?
A: Make people smile. If there’s ever a central message in all of my stories, I think it’s “Life isn’t that bad. Have fun”.


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Edit: Congratulations to @travelandsing

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