Ten Book Related Problems I Have

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

I’m pretty sure that quite a few of these will be repeated over and over on many lists. 😉 Question is: does anyone have any solutions?

Space – the final frontier

Hopefully I will be getting new bookcases soon but they will only be occupying the same space that the old bulging ones are, so it’s not like there will magically be more shelf space for me to fill. Books are double-stacked *sighs*, hidden in corners, in boxes under my bed. You get the gist. I need more space but when then when I started my library there was nearly an entire empty bookcase so it never seems to be enough. This is my biggest problem.

Departing with books

You want me to give up books?

You want me to give up books?

Technically the answer to my space problem would be getting rid of books. Which hurts!!! Don’t tell me it doesn’t. I have in the last year begun to relent and started to give books away because otherwise I will turn into Yomiko Readman and as much as I love the idea of her home I don’t think I could actually function in it.

But how do you decide? The easy choices are those books you didn’t like but after that? What do you do?

How to organize your library

Alphabetically? If so, by author or title? Do you keep series together? What about colour? Genres? Publishers? I had a system of read vs to-read and UK authors & international but then decided I needed a Diverse bookcase. Plus there is the VIP one, but books on their fit into other categories…. And do you keep it up? Do you change the system? How about messing it all up – would that not be easier? Chaos… it’s not like I can find much at the moment anyway.

Lending books

Oh the pain!!! Seriously I have had some sad tales of spines so badly damaged and books never returned that I don’t lend out books often. Which is a shame because I do so want to share the joy that they bring me but why do some people think it’s ok to hurt the precious? *whimpers*

Lopsided smiles

It’s an irritating very frequent description in YA of the charming boy with the lopsided smile. It’s like a pandemic… Who do you actually know who has one?


Hardbacks vs Paperbacks

This is an interesting one because sometimes I love hardbacks but if you asked: “US hardbacks vs US paperbacks?” I’d pick hardbacks all the time. It’s not that easy to explain if you don’t have one for comparison but the US paperbacks I own are quite flimsy. UK are sturdier, also the German paperbacks are like that. Maybe it’s to do with European manufacturing? *shrugs* no idea…

The problem with hardbacks though is that they are more expensive and not easy to travel with. Also I am very disappointed when publishers start a series in paperback and then halfway through change to hardback.


I have a whole collection of them in my library yet I never seem to have one when I need it. Why is that?

Not published in your country

*sighs* Why not?
Ok, thanks to the internet that as big a problem but if I know a UK publisher is publishing a title later on in the year (or the year after) I will hold of getting an import. There are titles that never make it though and imports are pricey.


I do still call my kindle the “evil-thing” and given that it had a meltdown a few months back I’m not going to stop (or give in and buy a new one, it sorta-maybe-still-works). Look I know there are lots of great things about eReaders but for me it will never ever be a book. Sorry.

I won’t stop you loving your eReader but stop telling me that I’m a dinosaur for preferring real pages.

Let’s NOT go to the movies

Book to Movie adaptations.
Do I need to explain this one? Thought not…

What your your book-related problems?

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11 thoughts on “Ten Book Related Problems I Have

  1. we who love the physical feel of a book are certainly NOT dinosaurs. We are perfectionists who prefer to feel the paper and actually turn a page instead of watching a graphic of it turning. I dont have a Kindle but i have used the Kindle app on my iPad at times. I’ve only ever read one eBook as i find them so soul less.
    Great post by the way, sorry about the rant
    Gill x

  2. I can relate to so many of these problems! Space is a huge one for me. I’ve had to get quite good about parting with books. Obviously I get rid of it if I didn’t like it but after that I get rid of it if its been sitting on myself unread for a while and I have a feeling it’ll stay that way for some time to come. And I only buy books that I have loved (or anticipate loving) and think I will re-read some day. Hardback vs Paperback is a HUGE problem for me too! I prefer to read paperbacks but I like shelving hardbacks because they are more durable and look nicer. I also hate how paperbacks are usually released MONTHS after the hardcover (if it comes in both formats). Great list!

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  3. Great list! I used to lend books to friends but I’m starting to think that I shouldn’t any more because I either never get them back or they’re damaged like that video showed. 😦 I also hate it when a book I really want to read is only available in other countries!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

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