The Fire Sermon Event @ HarperVoyager

I know this event was at the end of January (24th to be precise) so I apologise it’s taken me so long but I was on holiday. Didn’t want to know do any write up of this though because it was a really lovely event.

So here goes…

First I have to say I WANT this wall. B8H47q6IgAA2Eft

Also isn’t the view amazing?! unnamed

How do they manage to do any work? I’d just be staring out the window or trying to liberate books from the wall…

Right moving on, the even was all about Francesca Haig and her debut The Fire Sermon. I’ll admit it now as of yet I haven’t had the chance to read it but hopefully that will get sorted soon. Loads of others had or were a good chunk into the book though and the feedback was glowing so I’m very excited, plus Francesca read a little section which sound so good.

“When Zach and I were born our parents must have counted and recounted: limbs, fingers, toes. We were perfect. They would have been disbelieving: nobody dodged the split between Alpha and Omega.

They were born together and they will die together.
One strong Alpha twin and one mutated Omega; the only thing they share is the moment of their death.
The Omegas live in segregation, cast out by their families as soon as their mutation becomes clear. Forced to live apart, they are ruthlessly oppressed by their Alpha counterparts.
The Alphas are the elite. Once their weaker twin has been cast aside, they’re free to live in privilege and safety, their Omega twin far from their thoughts.
Cass and Zach are both perfect on the outside: no missing limbs, no visible Omega mutation. But Cass has a secret: one that Zach will stop at nothing to expose.
The potential to change the world lies in both their hands. One will have to defeat the other to see their vision of the future come to pass, but if they’re not careful both will die in the struggle for power.

Thank you HarperVoyager & Francesca Haig for making it so a lovely time. 🙂

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