Top Ten Dance Movies

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week is a ‘freebie’ and I’ve decided to pick my favourite dance films/recordings. I love musicals, theatre and dance and will happily watch dance films on repeat.

Matthew Bourne’s
Sleeping Beauty

Make Your Move


Top Hat

Annex - Astaire, Fred (Swing Time)_NRFPT_02or pretty much all of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies 🙂

Save The Last Dance

The Royal Ballet’s
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Make It Happen

Shall We Dance

Matthew Bourne’s
Swan Lake

Had me uttering the phrase; “thank god for pleather” in the middle of the cinema. *blush*


The ones that didn’t make it: Dirty Dancing (I know!), Strictly Ballroom, Step Up (all of them), etc…
Any dance films you’d recommend?

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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Dance Movies

  1. What a great list! ❤ You know how much I enjoy dance movies/books/dance in general, so this made me very happy!

  2. I love love love any and all of Matthew Bourne’s shows. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and the Nutcracker. Just brilliant.

    I have a real penchant for dance movies.. Save the Last Dance is great! Also got a lot of love for Dirty Dancing 1 and 2. And a few of the Step Up’s also.

    Cool post! You’ve made me wanna go watch some of these now!!

  3. Oooooo great choice of topic for freebie week! I really want to watch a dance film now! I love every single one of these and of course all the Step Up’s 🙂
    I’m a big fan of Kenny Wormald so I’d recommend Footloose and Centre Stage 2: Make it Happen. Ooooo and Honey!

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