Being Forced to change the way I Review…

I thought about the word “forced” because it’s not like anyone but me has anything to do with running of Luna’s Little Library. But the changes that I’m making to my blog this year aren’t ones I particularly want to make –
they are ones I feel I have to make.

Chronic Daily Headaches & Migraines

Generally the diagnosis for ‘chronic daily headaches’ is if you suffer for 15 days or more in 1 month for a duration of 3 months. There headaches can vary in pain and often include migraines (put not always). I was given my diagnoses by a neurologist after nearly 3 years.

f06f2ca5-5d77-4044-99ad-f845e6fe0434_zps06f792d4I got this diagnosis in March 2014. The stuff that’s great is that after years of consuming painkillers like smarties with little effect I now have tablets that work. I am not in pain every single day. Trust me, the word “daily” might not be literal for every one diagnosed but it was 99% accurate for me. Every morning I’d wake up and my head hurt – just a question of how much. My migraines would vary between normal (unable to handle bright lights, vertigo, etc) to the ones I names ‘flat-lines’ (essentially unable to do anything, last time I lost 2 days in a haze).

The stuff that isn’t so great? Side-effects… also while it’s a lot better it doesn’t look my headaches/migraines are going away anytime soon. Think they like me too much,
Sleep isn’t always my friend and my concentration – well that is the problem.

From the end of October my reading dipped dramatically. I read about 10 books in the last 2 months of 2014, that’s normally what I get through in 2 weeks. I don’t know if the concentration is due to the increase in my medication or because of my lack of sleep but it hasn’t settled like I hoped. 😦

Since I started Luna’s Little Library I’ve reviewed over 400 books, over 150 of those were in 2014. Right now it’s too much.

I work full time so by the time I return home more often than not I’m too tired to read. You have no idea how much I hate that. Instead of devouring books I’m reading at weekends if I can – it sucks. I miss my hours of escape. Occasionally there are good days but right now they are rare.

So for now (because hopefully my concentration will get back to normal) I’m cutting back. All the publishers I’ve spoken to about reviews vs. publication dates have been really supportive and lovely. I’m not setting any targets, the only reading challenge I’m joining is The British Book Challenge because the minimum is 12 books and I can do that. Sometimes I might post one review a week, other times more… it depends on how things go.

There’ll still be blog tours, author interviews and meme’s. Just instead of 5-6 posts a week it might be half that (or if it’s a bad week less than). At least for a little while. Hopefully…



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13 thoughts on “Being Forced to change the way I Review…

  1. Poor you, that doesn’t sound fun at all! *hugs* Hope things improve soon so you can get back to doing exactly what you want to.

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