Visits to Walker

I’ve been really fortunate and visited Walker twice recently. I didn’t manage to do a post about the first occasion earlier because it happen just a few days before I went on holiday so sit back and grab a cup of something hot and let me tell you all about the pretty books.

Afternoon Tea with Zoë Marriott

25 October 2014

Ok I’ll admit it now because since then I’ve managed to actually form sentences with words in an order, while talking to Zoë and they made sense (I think) but when the email from Walker came with the invite – well, my squees of joy could be heard a great distance away. My sensible side (yes I do have one) didn’t get a look-in because it’s Zoë Marriott and you know how much I adore her books. Actually if there was any author I was going to go all fangirly over it was going to be her… (which I can say now because I don’t think I freaked anyone out but actually appeared relatively normal – yay go me!)

So back to the actual afternoon, which was amazing ♥♥♥

Zoë talked to us about plotting, the research she’d done for The Name of the Blade Trilogy (which included learning about all sorts of Japanese horror stories) and so much more. She also read a little bit from Frail Mortal Heart which was AWESOME and a little mean because now we have to wait… *pines for 2015*

I lugged Zoë’s entire back catalogue down (fangirl remember) but I wasn’t the only one with a stack of books for her to sign. I think her hand must have hurt by the end. Thank you so much though. 😀

20141025_165352We were the first to see the cover Frail Mortal Heart (stunning isn’t it?! also DRAGON!!!) and we got a sampler with the first chapter of Frail Mortal Heart which I haven’t read because well I don’t think I can cope with not having chapter 2 or 3 or the rest of the book…

As it is I think I’m going to have to take the day of work when this arrives on my doorstep.


Bookish Brunch

29 November 2014

A little over a month after the magical wonderful of Zoë Marriott I was back at Walker, this time with an early morning start but that’s what they invented tea for.

I loved the Bookish Brunch Theme, I also loved the strawberries but you don’t really care about that. During the presentation you’d have the book with the Chef (aka author), Ingredients and Comparable Chefs/Dishes. It so worked.

Now for reasons I’ll be posting about soon(ish) I was determined to not fall for every book. In fact I was bloody stubborn about the fact that I didn’t want to just sit there thinking “I want to read them ALL”. I kinda failed… my hardened shell crumbled under Walker’s 2015 January – June highlights.

So let’s talk about the books:

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson
I read The Sky if Everywhere when it first came out and loved it so I’m very much looking forward to this. During the presentation we also found about a bit more about the cover design history which was fascinating for me in particular.

Juvie by Steve Watkins
So the Orange is the New Black comparison did nothing for me as I don’t watch that show but when they began talking about the book… and then this quote “Just because you’re not guilty doesn’t mean you’re innocent.”

Lottery Boy by Michael Byrne
20141129_110221Michael Byrne was one of the authors there to talk to us. At first glance Lottery Boy was in my ‘maybe/sound interesting’ category (remember I was on a mission here) but then during Michael’s talk he said something that sold me. Frankly I didn’t need anything about the plot after that. He was talking about the limbo feeling the protagonist (sorry I don’t remember the boy’s name) finds himself in after his mother’s death.
You’re probably thinking what the hell am I going on about (and this tell you way too much about me) but it means Michael Byrne gets it.

Frail Mortal Heart by Zoë Marriott
Don’t need to explain this one do I? Like seriously…

Remix by Non Pratt
Non was there to talk about us about what inspired Remix. Why aren’t there more books about ex-boyfriends & best friends? She also had some great slides to go with that. I particularly loved the one for her writing process. Remix is dual narration and Non read us one section, again I’ve forgotten the protagonists name (sorry!) but I loved her. Very much looking forward to this one.

Taken from @WalkerBooksUK

Taken from @WalkerBooksUK

Walker are publishing Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen (click the title for my review) which I’m thrilled about. I picked a copy up at BEA and thought it was brilliant. So is the trailer:

Other books that caught my eye:

  • The Unlikely Hero of Room 1B by Teresa Toten
  • Subway Love by Nora Raleigh Baskin
  • Gypsy Girl by Kathryn James
  • Nobody Saw No One by Steve Tasane
  • The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

Ok so pretty much the entire Walker catalogue… 😉

Just want to say a BIG thank you to Walker for inviting me to both events.
I had an amazing time.

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