Mexican Kimono by Billie Jones

19321722How did I get the book? Netgalley, thank you Carina

Genre: Chick-Lit

Synopsis: Mexican Kimono is fast-paced, satirical chick lit by upcoming Australian author, Billie Jones, guaranteed for a laugh or three. Narcissistic Samantha simply can’t resist buying the beautiful kimono at auction on a whim. That’s what credit cards are for, right? And then the kimono’s curse starts taking apart her life, spectacularly and destructively, one hair extension at a time, and Sam’s in for a hell of a ride.

200words (or less) review:
Between the title and the cover this book already had its hooks in me and the blurb was the final convincer. Mexican Kimono sounded both intriguing and fun.

Billie Jones didn’t provide with the flawed but ultimately likable protagonist that I’ve come across in most of the books I’ve read in this genre. Samantha is whiny, self-centered and nothing is ever her fault. After the first few chapters it becomes quite clear that this is not going to change. I think it’s brave to have such an annoying narrator and I’ll be honest, Sam never did win me over but I couldn’t not read Mexican Kimono.

There are some rather hilarious moments and while Sam might not be that likeable she has managed to get friends (how I don’t know). The way everyone keeps coming back to Sam’s mother for advice is entertaining as well.

Mexican Kimono is an engaging read and before you know it you’re at the halfway point wanting to know how this book ends.

Recommend it?


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