Snow Blind by Christopher Golden

snowblindHow did I get the book? bookbridgr, thank you Headline

Genre: Horror

Synopsis: Twelve years ago the small town of Coventry, Massachusetts was in the grasp of a particularly brutal winter. And then came the great storm. It hit hard. Not everyone saw the spring. Today the families, friends and lovers of the victims are still haunted by the ghosts of those they lost so suddenly. If only they could see them one last time, hold them close, tell them they love them.

When a new storm strikes, it doesn’t just bring snow and ice, it brings the people of Coventry exactly what they’ve been wishing for. And the realisation their nightmare is only beginning.

200words (or less) review: In my quest for finding that spine-tingling horror read Snow Blind caught my eye. The premise sounded enticing and the beginning of the book certainly worked.

I’m going to say now that Snow Blind did not have me reaching for the covers to hide behind. It’s an intriguing and gripping read and yes I enjoyed myself but it’s not going to leave lingering nightmares. Maybe reading this book with the snow falling outside would unnerve you more…

With so many characters to follow it would be easy to get lost but I thought that Christopher Golden had a good balance between giving the reader enough to care about their fate without effecting the pacing of the book.

There are (what I call) cinematic scenes in the book. The ones you can picture vividly on the big screen with dramatic music. Having been a bit on a horror reading binge I’ve come across these a few times in the genre but they only really work when the writing pulls it off, Christopher Golden’s does.

Recommend it?


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