Book Blogger UKYA Awards – The winners are…

UKYA Award

Today I am here to announce the winners of the Book Blogger UKYA Awards!

First though, thank you to every single person who nominated and voted. 🙂

I also want to take another minute to thank all of the wonderful bloggers who helped out:

Faye @ A Daydreamer’s Thoughts
Jim @ Ya Yeah Yeah
Caroline @ Big Book Little Book
Daphne @ Winged Reviews
Lucy @ Queen of Contemporary
Debbie @ Snuggling on the Sofa
Luna @ Luna’s Little Library
Sarah @ Feeling Fictional
Cicely @ Cicely Loves Books
Charli @ To Another World
Fi @ Bookish Outsider
Raimy @ Readaraptor
Michelle @ Much Loved Books
Shaila @ Hush Hush Revealings
Andrew @ The Pewter Wolf
Sam @ The Little Munchkin Reader
Julianne @ This Fleeting Dream
Laura @ Bookish Treasures
Samina @ Escapism From Reality
Catriona @ Fabulous Book Fiend

But now onto what you’re all really here for…


The Winners!


Funniest Book3
Best First Sentence1
Best Ending1
Most Heart-Breaking3
best contemporary1
best historical1
Best Crime-Mystery1
Best LGBT1
Best Horror1
Best Paranormal1
Best Sci-Fi-Fantasy1
Best Adventure1
Best Protagonist1
Best Friendship1
Best Couple1
Best Villain1
Best Self Published3
Most Social Author Online3
Most Social Author Offine
Author Whose Mind You Wish Was Yours2



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