As Red As Blood (Lumikki Andersson #1) by Salla Simukka

20929561How did I get the book? Book-swapped with Jim from (Thank you!)

Genre: Mystery / Thriller

Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Lumikki Andersson is hardly your average teenager. She lives by herself in the city of Tampere, Finland, and has a firm rule to mind nobody’s business but her own. But that rule is put to the test when she happens upon five hundred washed euro notes hanging up to dry in her school’s darkroom, and it is shattered once Lumikki realises who owns them.

Caught in an increasingly tangled web of deception, corruption and danger, Lumikki finds herself navigating the Tampere’s dark underbelly in the search to expose its shocking connection to the international drugs trade. Lumikki is smart, but is she smarter than a master criminal? Can she bring down the infamous ‘Polar Bear’ – or will she become another one of his victims?

The first part of a thrilling new Nordic crime series, AS RED AS BLOOD will have you on the edge of your seat until the last page is turned… and then some.

200words (or less) review: I first heard about this book at the Hot Key Blogger Brunch in February and have been eagerly waiting to get my hands on a copy ever since. As Red as Blood ticked all the boxes in what I look for in a thrilling mystery and then some.

Let’s start with Lummikki shall we? She is by far one of the best characters I’ve come across in ages and not just because she loves liquorice. Lummikki is intelligent, strong and independent. She is alone but doesn’t feel lonely. She is separate from the other students but not isolated. I liked how more of Lummikki’s character revealed itself throughout the story but I still have unanswered questions, which of course guarantees I’ll be reading the sequel.

The mystery of As Red as Blood is intriguing but follows a set path. In a way Salla Simukka storytelling reminded me of TV detective dramas; point A leads to B, then to C and so on but I liked that. The mystery was made up of puzzle pieces and watching them all fit together is part of the fun.

As Red as Blood is incredibly vivid and captivating read.

Recommend it?


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2 thoughts on “As Red As Blood (Lumikki Andersson #1) by Salla Simukka

  1. I’m not familiar with the book but you made it sound really intriguing! *off to Goodreads*

    Side note: Do you by chance watch Sherlock (BBC)?

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