A Love Like Blood by Marcus Sedgwick

21037620How did I get the book? Bookbridgr, thank you Mulholland Books

Genre: Historical Fiction / Thriller / Horror

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Synopsis: I’ve chased him for over twenty years, and across countless miles, and though often I was running, there have been many times when I could do nothing but sit and wait. Now I am only desperate for it to be finished.’

In 1944, just days after the liberation of Paris, Charles Jackson sees something horrific: a man, apparently drinking the blood of a murdered woman. Terrified, he does nothing, telling himself afterwards that worse things happen in wars.

Seven years later he returns to the city – and sees the same man dining in the company of a fascinating young woman. When they leave the restaurant, Charles decides to follow…

A Love Like Blood is a dark, compelling thriller about how a man’s life can change in a moment; about where the desire for truth – and for revenge – can lead; about love and fear and hatred. And it is also about the question of blood.

200words (or less) review: Marcus Segwick’s first adult novel is a story of obsession. It starts in 1944 when Charles Jackson sees a man drinking the blood of a woman. Or does he? Pushing the memory aside as part of the horrors of the war Charles returns to England. Finding himself back in Paris 1951 Charles believes he sees the man again, this time in the company of a young women.

Once Charles makes the decision to follow this man the obsession really begins. A Love Like Blood takes you down a twisted path.

“If life has taught me one thing, it is this: that the worst monsters are entirely human.”

What fascinated me so much was Charles’s downward spiral. While I couldn’t say I was particularly fond of him, he is a captivating narrator. The further you get into the book and his hunt for this beast/monster of a man he saw in 1944 the more Charles loses who he once was. So who wins in the end, Charles or the monster?

A Love Like Blood is an atmospheric and gripping read.

Recommend it?


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