Hidden Among Us by Katy Moran

21159731How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: When Lissy meets a mysterious and strangely beautiful boy on her way to Hopesay Edge, she is deeply unsettled by their encounter.

She discovers that the boy, Larkspur, is a member of the Hidden, an ancient group of elven people, whose secrets lie buried at Hopesay Reach. Before long, Lissy and her brother Rafe find themselves caught by a powerful magic and fighting to escape a bargain that can never be broken.

200words (or less) review: While I was reading Hidden Among Us I thought about all these great things I wanted to say in my review about the book but when it came to writing it… well I’ve been staring at a blank page for a while now.

I didn’t want to start the review with “this books wasn’t what I was expecting” because I’d researched it before I agreed to read it. I knew Hidden Among Us wasn’t a glitter pretty star-crossed lovers story but Katy Moran still surprised me IN ALL THE GOOD WAYS.

So for a change here’s a checklist of why you should read this book:

  • Three-dimensional characters
  • Beautiful writing
  • A dark and twisted tale full of the unexpected
  • Relationships – all of them. (Family, friends and romance)
  • Multiple POV narration that works (you feel so much for all the characters)
  • The Hidden

And of course the promise of more…

Recommend it?


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One thought on “Hidden Among Us by Katy Moran

  1. Wow! I think I must start taking a leaf out of your book. A 200 word review is really something that I want to try but I don’t know though if I will be able to explain my thoughts about the books just like what you did. I usually have the tendency to beat around the bush before getting on to the actual review.

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