No Going Back by Alex Gutteridge

51yIlsNbWaL._SY445_How did I get the book?  Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Contemporary / Paranormal

Previously reviewed:
Last Chance Angel

Synopsis: A moving contemporary tale of family, love and loss from the author of Last Chance Angel.

Teenager Laura gets the shock of her life when she moves to rural Derbyshire and finds the ghost of her dead father in her grandmother’s home. At first Laura is overjoyed to see him, but as time passes she begins to wonder why her dad is finding it so difficult to move on, and why her mother still refuses to talk about his death.

What is the secret that has been kept from her for all these years?

200words (or less) review: No Going Back was a very quick read for me, if I hadn’t had to part with it due to other commitments I most likely would have read the book in one sitting.

With the exception of the first few chapters Laura is a fourteen year old teenager, Alex Gutteridge has written given her a friendly and engaging voice.

Likeable as Laura is I did think she came across as quite young in places, especially in comparison with other girls in the genre but No Going Back is a sweet book (I mean this as a compliment, it’s something lovely to read) so that might be the reason.

I enjoyed the story but it was the changing relationships between the characters that I liked best about this book, particularly the one between Laura and her grandmother. Actually I think Laura’s grandmother was my favourite character in the story.

No Going Back is a moving story family and growing up.

Recommend it?


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