Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer by Katie Alender

18046579How did I get the book? I bought it.

Genre: Paranormal

Synopsis: Colette Iselin is excited to go to Paris on a class trip. She’ll get to soak up the beauty and culture, and maybe even learn something about her family’s French roots.

But a series of gruesome murders are taking place across the city, putting everyone on edge. And as she tours museums and palaces, Colette keeps seeing a strange vision: a pale woman in a ball gown and powdered wig, who looks suspiciously like Marie Antoinette.

Colette knows her popular, status-obsessed friends won’t believe her, so she seeks out the help of a charming French boy. Together, they uncover a shocking secret involving a dark, hidden history. When Colette realizes she herself may hold the key to the mystery, her own life is suddenly in danger…

200words (or less) review: Ok so Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer is not horror. Yes you have a ghost and bodies are piling up (minus their heads) but it’s not going to make you hide under the covers. The deaths aren’t pleasant but neither are the people involved so as the reader you’re not to cut up about it, until of course it’s Colette that’s in danger.

I thought Colette was a good narrator, she’s superficial and somewhat selfish at the beginning of the book but really grows throughout the story. Also Katie Alender doesn’t just fix Colette, ever so often she falters and reverts back to her old ways. For me that made her more believable.

Never having set foot in Paris I can’t tell you how accurate the settings are but personally I thought the descriptions read well and matched what I knew from films and other sources. There are a lot of clichés within the book but if you go along with it then you’re cheering when the mean girl gets her comeuppance.

Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer was more adventure and mystery than horror but still a fun read.

Recommend it?


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