Angels Next Door by Karen McCombie

20923838How did I get the book?
I bought it.

Genre: Paranormal

Synopsis: Since Riley’s new neighbours moved in, there have been loads of strange coincidences. Just who are the three mysterious Angelo sisters – and what’s with all the glitter?

Be inspired and become an #EverydayAngel

200words (or less) review: After Riley’s best friend leaves there is no buffer for her at school. So when Lauren ‘Queen of Everything’ Mayhew begins picking on her Riley has nowhere to hide.

Riley lives with her father, Dot-her-not-really-stepsister and Dot’s mother Hazel. Riley’s mother died when she was young and because it upsets her father so much Riley has learned not to ask questions. Unlike Riley, Dot is excited about their new neighbours. The Angelo sisters have three unique personalities and Riley ends up walking them to school on the first day.

I was surprised by how emotionally involved I became in this book, especially given that it’s a relatively quick read. Riley is a sweet character and you really feel for her. Dot is adorable and has some of the best moments in the story in my opinion.

Angels Next Door was thoroughly enjoyable and I’m very much looking forward to the next book.

Recommend it?


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