My Story by Pasha Kovalev

19950258How did I get the book?
Birthday Present

Genre: Autobiography

200words (or less) review: I was given this for my birthday. It’s not a secret that I’m a bit of a musical theatre / dance fan and I’ve been following Pasha Kovalev since ITV2 screen SYTYCD Season 3 all those years ago.

I’ve never been a big autobiography reader but I enjoyed this one a lot. Apart from the obvious appeal of finding out more about a dancer I’ve admired the writing is conversational; almost like you’re sitting down listening to Pasha Kovalev telling you about his life instead of reading it.

The chapters about SYTYCD were the ones I looked forward to the most at the beginning (and I did enjoy them) but in the end I think my favourite parts were the stories about the places he’s been. Especially the Japanese restaurant one, that sounded amazing.

If you’ve watched Pasha Kovalev on SYTYCD, SCD or seen him in Burn the Floor I would recommend this.

Recommend it?


Just a few pre-SCD dance highlights…

Pasha Kovalev (with Anya Garnis) – Tour

I’m going to see them on the 20th June at the Lowther Pavilion (my other Birthday Present, worth the wait 😉 )

Full Tour Schedule HERE

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