Stitch Up by Sophie Hamilton

20434644How did I get the book?
Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Dystopian

Synopsis: Information is power, but image is everything…

Dasha Gold enjoys a life of indulgence, made possible by her powerful and wealthy parents. But this privilege comes at a price – extreme image control, including cosmetic surgery to transform her into a living logo for their brand.

Presented with a way out, Dasha embarks on a hunt for the truth that takes her across a divided and CCTV-dominated city, in the company of maverick Londoner Latif.

But money talks and the Golds own the media. Who can Dasha really trust?

200words (or less) review: Set in a not to unlikely or distant future Dasha is part of the 1% elite, super rich. For her 17th birthday her father will transform her into the Gold’s new brand. Something Dasha doesn’t want. So when the chance of escape presents itself she takes it.

Both Dasha and Latif are likable characters. Sophie Hamilton uses Dasha’s narration to draw the reader in from the start. Dasha might be naive to civilian life but she’s not dumb and from the moment Latif appears you understand why Dasha trusts him. Their friendship is the biggest selling point of the book for me.

There were quite a few other characters that made an impact while reading Stitch Up, probably my favourite of these was Yukiko.

While the characters and the cat and mouse hunt for Dasha and Latif makes Stitch Up a real page turner I struggled a bit with Dasha’s parents obsession about their “perfect” daughter. Why is she so important?

It turns out Stitch Up isn’t the standalone I original thought, so I think the things that were left unresolved will be explained in the sequel – which of course I will be reading.

Recommend it?


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