Cowgirl by Giancarlo Gemin

18375511How did I get the book?
I bought it.

Genre: Contemporary

Synopsis: Growing up on the embattled Mawr Estate in South Wales, all Gemma sees are burglaries, muggings, sadness and boredom. With a dad in prison and a mum who has given up hope, she, like everyone around her, is holding on to memories of the times when happiness wasn’t so hard to find.

When her search for the scene of a perfect childhood day takes her up into the surrounding hills, Gemma is forced into a meeting with the legendary Cowgirl. Everyone at school knows she’s a weirdo: six foot tall and angry, the only conversations she has are with the twelve cows on her dad’s farm. But with her abrupt arrival in Gemma’s life, everything starts to look different. And with her only friends in mortal danger of the abbatoir, it turns out she and Gemma have a mission on their hands. A gently funny story of a community coming together, this is a tale of happy endings in unexpected places.

200words (or less) review: I bought this completely on a whim but am so glad I did. Gemma’s homes is the Mawr Estate, her family isn’t doing so great and to escape Gemma riding her bicycle in the nearby countryside which is how she comes across Cowgirl, the social outcast from school.

Cowgirl (aka Kate) doesn’t mix with the others and doesn’t much care about that either, she cares about her cows. Through Gemma’s grandmother insistence Gemma and Kate end up spending time together and become friends. So when the cows are threatened they have to come up with a plan, to hide them on the Mawr Estate.

What I really adored about this book was the friendships, not only between Gemma and Kate but also between Gemma’s grandmother and the other neighbours that adopt the cows. Gemma’s grandmother is great, I wanted to adopt her for myself.

Cowgirl is a funny and sweet story about community, friendship, hope and forgiveness.

Recommend it?


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