Circa Now by Amber McRee Turner

18453192How did I get the book?
Netgalley, thank you Disney Hyperion

Genre: Contemporary

Synopsis: Twelve-year-old Circa Monroe has a knack for restoring old photographs. It’s a skill she learned from her dad, who loves old pictures and putting fun digital twists on them. His altered “Shopt” photos look so real that they could fool nearly anybody, and Circa treasures the fun stories he makes up to explain each creation.

One day, her father receives a strange phone call requesting an urgent delivery, and he heads out into a storm. The unimaginable happens: a tornado, then a terrible accident, and Circa never sees her dad again. Just as Circa and her mom begin to pick up the pieces, a mysterious boy shows up on their doorstep, a boy called Miles who remembers nothing about his past. The only thing he has with him is the photograph that Circa’s dad intended to deliver on the day he died.

As Circa tries to help Miles recover his identity, she begins to notice something strange about the photos she and her father retouched-the digital flourishes added to the old photos seem to exist in real life. The mysteries of the Shopt photos and Miles’s past are intertwined, and in order to solve both, Circa will have to figure out what’s real and what’s an illusion.

With stunning prose, captivating photographs, and a hint of magic, Circa Now is a gripping story full of hope and heart.

200words (or less) review: Circa Now is a book about the aftermath of loss and a family trying to continue. Add a mystery and some (maybe) magic and you have a story to captivate you.

Amber McRee Turner creates an instant emotional connection to Circa and her family. Because you meet her father before he dies you feel the loss so much more. This emotional connection to Circa stays throughout the book.

Miles appearance not only brings a mystery into Circa’s life but provides something for her and her mother to focus on. I liked the way the relationships and dynamics changed and thought that the struggles Circa’s mother fathers were well done.

The possibility of magic in the Shopt photos added that little bit extra to Circa Now, I thought it was a lovely story to read.

Recommend it?



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