Vengeance (Fracture #2) by Megan Miranda

cover38738-mediumHow did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Mystery

Previously Reviewed: Hysteria

Synopsis: Falcon Lake wants vengeance. And so, it seems, does someone else… An intense, heart-rending psychological thriller to accompany the chilling and seductive Fracture.

When Decker drags his best friend Delaney’s lifeless body out of the frozen lake, he makes a deal: Anyone but her. Everyone but her. The lake releases her. It takes another…
All their friends blame Delaney for Carson’s death. But Decker knows the truth: Delaney is drawn to those who are dying, and she would have tried to help Carson.
Or so Decker believes until a body lies in front of him in a pool of water on his kitchen floor. Until he sees in Delaney’s eyes that she knew this would happen too – and she said nothing. Until he realises it isn’t the lake that is looking for revenge – Delaney is part of someone else’s plan.

This powerful and emotionally charged psychological thriller follows Megan Miranda’s stunning debut Fracture.

200words (or less) review: I was looking forward to seeing where Delaney and Decker’s story was going and Vengeance didn’t let me down. The book is darker then Fracture and switching the narration to Decker’s works well.

A few months have passed since the events in Fracture, Delaney has made a new friend; Maya who moved into town after the accident. Because Maya doesn’t have the same history she doesn’t treat Delaney with suspicion.

Megan Miranda slowly builds up the tension. Strange things start happening, first to Decker and then to his group of friends. Throughout the book Delaney and Decker’s relationship is tested. Emotionally Vengeance is much more intense, which I liked but I’m not sure about the resolution at the end.

If you enjoyed Fractured you definitely should read Vengeance.

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One thought on “Vengeance (Fracture #2) by Megan Miranda

  1. I didn’t really think Fracture needed a sequel, but that’s what I loved about this, it was a lot darker than it. And I really loved getting into Decker’s head, and ohhh, though he was kind of an ass, I still loved him. You could really see how much he loves Delaney. If anything, I think I preferred Vengeance to Fracture, haha. 🙂

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

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