Books with Bite

(aka How many times can I use “lovely” in one post?)

January is turned into the month of amazing with so many wonderful publishers opening their doors. Last Thursday I was at the Books with Bite, this being my first evening blogger event I was even more excited than usual.

Given my uselessness at keeping names and faces apart I will admit now that I failed on remembering who everyone is BUT the important part is that they were all lovely (of course!).

We had a presentation on the upcoming 2014 titles, some of which I’ll be talking about in a moment, but also got talked through the updated Books with Bite website. What I really liked about the new design (apart from the different apples) was that the content isn’t restricted to just Books with Bite.

Look at all the pretty things there were;

Here are the books-

RIOT – Yup, I’ve already read it or rather “devoured” it. OMG.

QUANTUM DROP – In Saci Lloyd I have found someone who understands the trauma of Blackpool rollercoasters. Plus she’s lovely.

THE BOX OF RED BROCADE – Still need to read the first book but it sounds like a good series.

THE DEVIL IN THE CORNER – this sounds really promising and Patricia Elliott was so lovely.

DEAD SILENT – Did I do a happy dance? Yes. Did someone see me? I hope not…

WITCH FINDER – You can see my review HERE, I was gutted when I realised that Ruth was at the event and I missed her. #MASSIVELunaFail

TEASE – heard about this previously and really want to read it.

ROCK WAR – I’m a bit torn on this, I have a feeling it’ll be amazing but I’m a little hesitant.

BETWEEN THE LIVES – I read the first sentence on the blurb and it needed to come home.

SHATTERED – Slated deserves all the acclaim it’s getting. I still have Fractured to read but in case I haven’t used the word enough already, Teri is lovely.

THE MOMENT COLLECTOR – You know those books you see and know you’ll love. This looks just like that.

Some of the other titles that caught my eye were Witch Hunt by Ruth Warburton, the next in her new series. Adaptation by Malinda Lo (Loved Ash so much) and The 100 Society by Carla Spradbery.

And finally Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly, mermaids & Jennifer Donnelly *swoons*

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