Being a Boy by James Dawson

18141947How did I get the book? I bought it.

Genre: Non-Fiction

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Synopsis: Everything you wanted to know about puberty, but were too afraid to Google. Queen of Teen nominee, acclaimed YA author and former PSHCE teacher, James Dawson, expertly guides boys through puberty from surviving the social scene to learning about sex, how to pull, dealing with spotty faces and everything in between. Witty text paired with over 50 hilarious black-and-white illustrations by Spike Gerrell makes this the essential guide to growing up brutal honesty included.

200words (or less) review: So brilliant.

Not really sure how best to review this book – I’m certainly not the intended audience.

Being A Boy is an honest and hilarious (if I ever meet James Dawson I feel I should applaud, though that will probably freak him out) book dealing with the pitfalls of being a teenager. While this book is for boys there is so much that would benefit both sexes.

The honesty is so refreshing, my school kinda failed beyond the usual diagrams for the sex-education. Like many others my knowledge came via friends and TV, neither of which helps much with the emotional side. I wish there had been a “being a” for me.

How you can make everyone read Being A Boy I don’t know but I wish I could, regardless of age or gender.

Recommend it?


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