Answering your writing & blogging questions (Part 2)

Last week we said we’d answer all your writing, reading and blogging questions. Part 1 was yesterday and today we’ve got the rest.

The best question gets a prize! Winner announced at the end.

Will there be more Butterfly Novels?
Question by Luna’s Little Library
DENISE: For me, Rachel’s story was never a definite ending to the Butterfly Novels. I had two other non-Butterfly stories begging to be told so I had to be true to that. I’m editing one at the moment and the other is waiting to be edited. So….

*Luna bounces around in excitement*

Why do you blog?
Question by Andy Robb
DENISE: I’m smiling here. I can’t honestly claim to blog. I HAVE a blog. And now, with Luna, I’ve someone to remind me to attend to it. I will be a better blogger. Or else…

LUNA: I started the review blog because I wasn’t getting anywhere with my writing. At first I just wanted to see if I could do it. Then I began to make friends with all these amazing people (not to mention talking to authors) and I felt at home.

102927What paragraph, line or chapter in a book made you stop and go ‘Wow. This person can write. I didn’t even know you could do this with prose. Wow.’? (For me, it was Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Dreams.)
Question by Alexia Casale
DENISE: I remember doing exactly that when reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I was blown away at the choice of one word to describe a whole frightening concept. The word was completion. It stood for the stage reached when clones have given all the organs they can give and their usefulness and lives come to an end. What was so horrifying and brilliant was the acceptance by the clones of their destiny. I say clones. They were the main characters. To the reader they were human.

LUNA: I spend ages thinking about this and given the amount of books I’ve read it’s somewhat impossible, finally settled on Flood and Fang (The Raven Mysteries #1) by Marcus Sedgwick as I only bought the book because I read the first line: “I suspect I may have fleas again.”

What made you want to become a book blogger and what are the best aspects of being a book blogger and what are the biggest challenges?
Question by Siobhan Curham
LUNA: This sounds bad but I never really thought about book blogging until one afternoon. I’m one of these people who once they think of something they’ll throw everything at it and just go. I think I set the blog up that very afternoon and just learned as I went.
I love talking to authors and fellow bloggers. Recently I’ve started receiving ‘thank you’ messages from people for book recommendations I made and they loved, which is so brilliant.
One of the biggest challenges is self-inflicted (again!) I very rarely give up on books, it feels like I’d be failing but sometimes I think I’m making too much of a deal of it. We all have different tastes so I’m not ‘wrong’ for not liking something.

If you could’ve written any book, what would it be and why?
Question by Emma Carroll
DENISE: The Book Thief. I adored it, especially the characters, who I have never forgotten – especially Rudy.

Does blogging ever feel like a chore?
Question by ChrissiReads
LUNA: Occasional, truth be told I don’t exactly make it easy on myself. You’d think writing new reviews for different books would be easy but sometimes it’s so hard coming up with something. It only takes me a moment to remember why I love it though. 🙂

How do you feel about DNF (did not finish) reviews?
Question by ChrissiReads
LUNA: I thought about this a lot before I wrote my first one. If you’ve given the book a fair chance (my personal minimum is 40ish%) why not?

keep-calm-and-survive-the-zombie-apocalypse-2Who would you want to accompany you in a zombie apocalypse – Alex, Sarah or Rachel?
Question by Niamh Lynch
DENISE: I love this question. And I’m kind of cringing that I have to make a choice. But if I HAD to be a cold-hearted survivalist, I’d pick Alex.

LUNA: Sarah post And For Your Information, she’s so tough.

You’ve mentioned thinking of self-publishing.
What makes you want to self-publish?

Question by ChrissiReads
DENISE: I have a big thing for people-power. I used to run my own business. I am interested in more than just writing. I’m interested in design, marketing, talking to my readers. I think that it is a very exciting time in the book industry with great opportunities for people who are prepared to be flexible and adventurous.

When writing, do you ever find that what’s going on in your personal life comes into your books? That you end up in a way writing about it, even though from the beginning you planned on writing about something completely different but you find yourself unable to stop writing about the certain personal issue because it’s either getting you down so much or just effecting your life in anyway that you have to get it out in some way?
Question by Hannah Hennessy
DENISE: Personally, this has been the toughest year of my life. My escape has been through my stories. Sitting at the computer, I dive into another world. I think if I didn’t have the focus of a story, I probably would end up writing about my life which would probably be very good for me!

What do you find most off-putting in authors’ behaviour online? What types of tweets do you most enjoy from writers?
Question by Alexia Casale
LUNA: I always appreciate getting a ‘thank you’ for reviews or if I publicise their books in some way, like for example as part of a meme. Never expect these but it makes me happy.
In regards to things that put me off I’m sticking with authors complaining about bad reviews or sometimes even attacking the reviewers. Also I don’t like it when I see tweets that make me feel obligated to vote for books in surveys.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with an ‘amazing idea’ that is so going to win awards and you can’t wait to write about it, and then you wake up the next day and realise that it was possibly the worst writing idea mankind has ever come up with. Ever.
Question by Aoife Carton
DENISE: Yes! Although the opposite is also true where I have an idea in the middle night and it’s so good I think I couldn’t possibly forget it – then I do. I used to have a jotter by the bed to catch those ideas. Now that you mention it, where did it go?

Oh, and what is your favourite cereal?
Question by Aoife Carton
DENISE: ‘Do cereals ever live up to their promises?’ asks the marmalade-and-toast fan.

LUNA: Rarely eat it, much more of a toast person.

Well we couldn’t pick just one winner.
Our favourite/most discussed questions were:

  • Who would you want to accompany you in a zombie apocalypse – Alex, Sarah or Rachel?
  • What paragraph, line or chapter in a book made you stop and go ‘Wow. This person can write. I didn’t even know you could do this with prose. Wow.’?

So congratulations Niamh Lynch & Alexia Casale you’ve each one Butterfly Inspired Necklace:

denise prize

Please email your contact information to lunaslittlelibrary (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you everyone.
Let us know if you’d like this to be a regular thing.

Denise Deegan & Luna’s Little Library

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