Apologies to The Evil Thing

In a few weeks my Evil Thing Kindle will be a year old. Much to the amusement of family and friends it’s not tucked in a tucked in a corner somewhere ignored but I am actually am using it.

You’re using the Kindle?!

Before the Evil Thing Kindle was given to me (I still defend myself by pointing out I didn’t buy it) I was adamant I would never have one. They aren’t real books. I’d much rather lug 5kg of paper than carry something like an eReader.

Yet at the time this gets published I’ll be in London with you guessed it; my Kindle. 2014 is the year of holidays and yep I’ll be taking my Kindle. I have a giant stack of review books to get through, correct – on my Kindle.

So after nearly 12 months I guess I owe my Kindle an apology. It’s not completely evil. There are some good things about it:

  • Signing up to Netgalley & Edelweiss
  • I will admit (grudgingly) that traveling is lighter now
  • Reading in bed is easier
  • I have a KindleFire so it works like a mini tablet, which is handy for a few things. It also means I don’t have to lug my old laptop around.
  • Editing manuscripts is easier (I do this for some author friends)
  • You can read a few chapters as sample, although more of the time I still end up then buying those as hardcopies.
  • Some books are only available as Ebooks (this sucks btw)
  • No one knows what you’re reading, which is nice when I’m having a trashy-pile binge.

There I’ve admitted it. I can see the smugness in my friends faces already. *sighs* I don’t hate eReaders completely but

they aren’t real books!

And as such will always be second best.

What about you?

Are you still resisting or have you been (un)willingly converted to the eBook phenomenon?

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11 thoughts on “Apologies to The Evil Thing

  1. To me, there’s really nothing like the feel of a book in my hands, but I do read a fair bit on an e-reader, which I accept, albeit grudgingly. Hard copies are still, in my mind, the proper way to read a book. Plus, there’s nothing so wonderful as being able to stand in front of your overflowing bookshelf and admire; you can’t get the same feeling from looking at your library on a Nook or Kindle.

  2. I always said I would only ever read real books….then I got an e-reader early last year to read review books from netgalley as sitting in front of my computer to read them was boring, uncomfortable and killed my eyes. I upgraded a few months later to an iPad, mainly for reading but also for games, internet, and time wasting. 🙂
    It now holds hundreds of books that would be physically impossible for me to carry around.

  3. Totally agree with you. The main difference is that I bought mine for myself – with birthday money from my grandma, though, as I wanted something I could point to and say ‘that’s what she got me.’ I still love browsing books in stores (or libraries), holding them, reading them, taking them on trips, etc. But it is so nice having a Kindle for those occasions when I’m unable to go out and get a book that I desperately want to read (it was especially good back in January when I was sick in bed for about a week and I got to buy all nine Artemis Fowl books XD). And I gotta say, all those e-books that are available for free or at a really awesome price… oh man, are they so hard to resist! But, when they’re like ten bucks each? I’m waiting until I can get to the book store or library no matter what!

  4. I love my Kindle. It’s so good for travel, but if I’ve really enjoyed a book I only have in ebook format I will go and buy a hardcopy. I prefer ‘real’ books, but really, ebooks are so much easier sometimes (and they take up a lot less physical space!)

  5. Tut, tut, tut! We actually have the same opinion when e-readers became popular and good lord, I just couldn’t concentrate when I am reading an electronic copy. I just don’t get the feels of the book if it doesn’t come in a physical copy. But all that changed when my mother gave an ultimatum about banning physical books in the house. We don’t have much space so I was forced to buy e-books and taught myself to be comfortable reading them.

    After a few months, I find myself not being complete without my Kobo. I think e-readers are a work of genius. Aside from the things that you mentioned, it’s very environmental friendly, very portable and can be read even without lights. We always have power outages here so an e-reader is a must for me. Plus, it’s really handy when it comes to ARC. I don’t have to sit around reading on my computer and be distracted with FB, DA and all that stuff.

    I still appreciate physical copies though but I already have a profound respect for e-readers.

    Thanks for dropping by Thoughts and Pens BTW. So sorry to get back to you this late.

  6. 🙂 Before I owned a Kindle (also bought for me as a gift!) I really didn’t see how my reading could possibly change … but then I downloaded books from Netgalley and started taking advantage of cheaper ebooks. and yeah. I couldn’t live without my Kindle now 🙂

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