The Madness Underneath (Shades of London #2) by Maureen Johnson

How did I get the book?  Netgalley, thank you @ HarperCollins Publishers

Genre: Paranormal

Previously reviewed:
The Name of the Star

Synopsis: When madness stalks the streets of London, no one is safe…
There’s a creepy new terror haunting modern-day London.
Fresh from defeating a Jack the Ripper killer, Rory must put her new-found hunting skills to the test before all hell breaks loose…
But enemies are not always who you expect them to be and crazy times call for crazy solutions. A thrilling teen mystery.

200words (or less) review: When I originally received The Madness Underneath I couldn’t wait to get started but then I kept holding back. Sequels are a tricky thing and I guess I was worried this wouldn’t be as good as The Name of the Star.

Personally I feel that The Madness Underneath is missing the unnerving atmosphere there was in the previous book. The story is much more centred on Rory coming to terms with what happened to her and trying to work out what to do about it.

I wasn’t as engrossed in this book as I wanted to be, sometimes I felt the story dragged a little. Part of this was undoubtedly the fact that my favourite characters didn’t reappear until much later in the book and weren’t as active as I hoped they’d be. That said the ending sent me into an emotional tailspin and guarantees I have to read the last in the trilogy.

The Madness Underneath wasn’t as gripping as the previous book but I don’t think but fans of the series will be disappointed – I wasn’t.

Recommend it?


2 thoughts on “The Madness Underneath (Shades of London #2) by Maureen Johnson

  1. I felt the same way. The whole book dragged on and on and there was none of the urgency that Name of the Star had. Rory also started to get on my nerves and I just wanted to yell at everyone. I think that this one was possible the only Maureen Johnson book that I’ve read and not liked…

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