Weirdos vs Quimboids by Natasha Desborough

18003578How did I get the book?  I bought it.

Genre: Contemporary

Synopsis: Cursed by the initials BUM, saddled with woolly liberal-minded hippies for parents and an UNDYING love for the Proper Real-Time HOT Felix Winters, BLOSSOM UXLEY-MICHAELS is a seething mass of sexual frustration and political confusion.
But when she s invited to work on the school radio, Blossom s convinced her status is about to rocket from Weirdo to Winner…

200words (or less) review: Blossom and her best friend Petrina are cursed with rather unfortunate initials, (Blossom = B.U.M & Petrina – P.O.O) which as per school policy have to be sewn into their PE kits.

As if spending your schooldays as ‘Bumface’ wasn’t bad enough Blossom is also blessed with some very liberal parents. I definitely never would have wanted to see my parents naked dancing or know so much about their sex life as poor Blossom does with hers.

Natasha Desborough’s debut is full of laughs; at times I was nearly hysterical. Blossom and Petrina deciding on their band name Camel Toe for one and so many other instances I won’t mention – can’t rob you of the joy of reading this gem for yourself.

The pacing is excellent, I never got bored and loathed having to put the book down. Blossom’s narration is so engaging and I loved her scorecards & emails. Despite this being a “funny” book there are some really lovely moments and you can clearly see character development.

Weirdos vs. Quimboids is one of those impulse buys I always hope for but rarely get. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes reading.

Recommend it?


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