Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

My BIG Day Planner
After starting my blog last year I realised that my normal wall calendar was not big enough to deal with all the scribbles my blogging life needs. Moving scheduled posts, reminders, notes, etc. so one of my Christmas presents was a big day planner and how useful it’s been.

I have a feeling Goodreads will pop up in many lists. I never used it that much prior to becoming a blogger but I think I’d struggle managing without it now. You can connect with so many people and it’s a great way to find out about new books plus I love the barcode scan on my phone! Makes life so much easier and I actually have a pretty decent record of what books I own.

I harp on about independent bookshops (ok StorytellersInc) a lot but I can’t tell you how many books Katie’s recommended to me that I’ve come to love and probably wouldn’t have selected without her. My reading is so much more varied because of this.

*glares at smirking family & friends*
How I loath to admit that The Evil Thing (aka Kindle) is useful. I refused to buy one but when it was given to me I did start using it and I have to admit it comes in handy. Makes reading in bed a lot easier.

This links in with my kindle statement, I’ve really grown fond of Netgalley. Edelweiss isn’t as easy (at least I think so) to use and it’s a great way to review US releases which I couldn’t otherwise.

When I first started blogging Twitter really helped, plus having author feedback on reviews is pretty cool. It’s nice to “talk” with authors, something which isn’t anywhere near as scary as I originally thought it would be.

Hermit Status
The majority of my friends live near London or outside of the country so I don’t do a lot of socializing locally. I do go out but probably not as often as my contemporaries. This means that I can have whole weekends where all I do is read. I love it.

My library
Having a flat that’s big enough to have a (small) library is heaven. Presently I still have space and because I’ve divided my books between “read” and “TBR” bookcases it’s easy to find stuff and keep track of things.

Without cups of tea there would be no blog. Just saying. (Also chocolate!)

Only just registered my blog but so far so good, I think it’ll be really useful going forward.
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What about you?


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