How do you book shop? + Independent Bookshop wins again!

I was really tempted to call this ‘The Hunt for Far Far Away’ but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Part 1: How do you book shop?

So this time last week I was in London (it was boiling!) hanging out with fellow book lovers. My friend Chrissi and I decided to do a little bit of book shopping that afternoon which bought up the topic of how different our approach is.

Chrissi loves window displays and will begin her journey, once she’s appraised the windows & entered the shop, by the display tables. She’s a display kinda person. 😉

I, on the other hand, barely glance at anything and head straight for the YA section.

There are a few things that the two of us had in common though, starting at one end and checking every shelf carefully. I also double-back just in case I missed something the first time.

Checking the condition of the books carefully (of course) and the inability to say no convincingly, I handed Chrissi 4 books and told her to buy them – she was very accommodating. Not like I put up much of a fight either.

Can you see Chrissi?

Can you see Chrissi?

What’s your approach?
Displays? Find your favourite section? Start at one end of the shop and check every shelf?

Part 2: The Independent Bookshop wins again

So one of the books that I really loved the sound of at the RHCP Blogger Brunch was Far Far Away by Tom McNeal – so that’s the book I wanted to buy before I got the train home. I couldn’t because it was nowhere, ok it might have been somewhere in London but it wasn’t where I was and this was a brand new release. What gives?!

I moaned on twitter and this is what happened:


I love StorytellersInc it’s like the best bookshop there is. Every time I go inside (which is at least once a week) I get greeted with a smile and told if there is anything new in stock. I get to browse as long as I want and Katie is always on hand with recommendations if I’m stuck. It’s not unusual for me to buy a book without reading the blurb if she tells me that I’ll like it.

Katie & Carolyn

They didn’t just have one copy of Far Far Away but two!

A few times I’ll given Katie a budget and let her put together a Magic Box for me. They’ve turned out very successful so far so I plan on having another one this autumn.

They will even quality control books I’ve ordered to make sure there are no scuff marks because they know how pedantic I am – really I am very picky I’m sure it’s annoying.

And thanks to StorytellersInc I finally have a book-club that I can join!

So yet again my independent bookshop reigns supreme.

6 thoughts on “How do you book shop? + Independent Bookshop wins again!

  1. I could spend hours in a bookshop, I really could. I have to start at the first shelf and then work my way through. It’s a wonder I don’t have bad knees because I bend down so much! I then go back the other way, and then start over again.
    Also, that’s a lot of books that Chrissi is hiding behind!

  2. StorytellersInc is the kind of shop I wished we had here! Though I love going to London for all there amazing indie bookstores (like Foyles & Daunt books!).
    As for how I shop, I usually go to the YA section… check out the display tables and then look at the shelves, unless I’m after something in particular, then I just go straight to looking for that book!

  3. I love the sound of Storytellers Inc I really wish I had a bookshop like that where I live. As for how I shop I tend to go straight to the YA section check out any displays and then to the shelves scanning each shelf top to bottom and then repeat incase I missed something, to be honest I’m not sure why I do it this way I’m sure it doesn’t help my already bad knees! 🙂

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