RHCP Summer Blogger Brunch

Last Saturday I attended the Random House Children’s Publishers Summer Blogger Brunch in London. It meant getting up ridiculously early (5am!) to catch the train but it was so worth it.

Not only did I get to spend the morning at RHCP with loads of fellow book lovers but I saw Chrissi from ChrissiReads again for the first time in 3 years! Yes we haven’t seen each other for that long. Chrissi remains unchanged in her adorableness and still puts up with me randomly hugging or patting her head like puppy – I don’t know why…

Anyway back to the Blogger Brunch. Upon arrival there was tea, coffee, a table with scones, a special Teardrop cake and for healthiness some fruit. Between enjoying these treats we took part in the UK trailer for Teardrop, the new book by Lauren Kate. Everyone what something that made them shed a tear on a piece of card, which we held in front of our faces while being photographed in various places. I ended up in the group standing outside which was somewhat embarrassing.


Source: Random House Children’s Publisher’s Blog

RHCP introduced a few of their upcoming titles and the lovely RHCP Editor Lauren Buckland talked how publishers are evolving their acquisitions process to include utilising Wattpad and other online platforms for hunting out new talents.

Here are some of the book that peaked my interest (linked them to Goodreads):

Far Far Away by Tom McNeal
Hurt by Tabitha Suzuma
The Waking World by Tom Huddleston
Blackberry Blue by Jamila Gavin
The Ransom of Dond by Siobhan Dowd

More cake and discussions followed. It’s so much fun being around like-minded people. As Caroline (Big Book Little Book) pointed out how many people would stand silently for 3 minutes to watch a video of her new bookcase – which is gorgeous btw. 😉

We were sent on our way with a goody bag and a bottle of water – which given the heat I was ever so grateful for.

Here’s what I carried home:

Teardrop by Lauren Kate
Cross My Heart by Carmen Reid
Rolling Dice by Beth Reekles

Thank you RHCP, I had a brilliant time.

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