The Spook’s Secret by Joseph Delaney

How did I get the book?
Received from the publisher, in an exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Fantasy

Previously reviewed:
The Spook’s Apprentice Book #1
The Spook’s Curse Book #2

Synopsis: It’s going to be a long, hard, cruel winter and there couldn’t be a worse place to spend it.’
As the nights draw in the Spook decides to travel to his winter house. His apprentice, Tom, hates the desolate place. There are feral witches in the cellar, menacing creatures stirring on the nearby moors and a sinister stranger threatening Tom’s master.
What does the mysterious stranger want?
Is the Spook’s past catching up with him?
And what dangers will Tom face if his master’s secrets are revealed?

200words (or less) review: This is the third book in the Wardstone Chronicles and was the make it or break it point for me. I figured that after three books I’d have a pretty good idea of whether this series was going to be worth it. The Spook’s Secret convinced me, I will be reading them all.

In this book Tom and Master Gregory travel to The Spook’s winter house.  Not only are they isolated but instead all the things the Spook has bound are in the cellar not outside.

One of the witches is Meg, a lamia witch that Tom found out about in The Spook’s Curse. Unlike the others Meg hibernates in a cell until The Spook wakes her and brings her upstairs. There she subdued with a herbal tea that makes her forget who she is, something Alice (rightfully I think) has major issues with.

I think The Spook’s Secret makes for interesting reading for the characters, particularly the Spook. Meg alone is one big ethical dilemma but there is plenty more to go at. While the story and adventure remain at the forefront I enjoyed this book more for battle between Alice and The Spook on what is right.

Recommend it?


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