The Blue Lady by Eleanor Hawken

How did I get the book?
I bought it.

Genre: Horror / Mystery

Synopsis: Fourteen-year-old Frankie Ward is used to being the new girl at school, but even she is unprepared for life at St Mark’s College. Finding herself isolated from the rest of the girls, Frankie is drawn to flamboyant and dramatic Suzy, who captivates her with stories of ‘The Blue Lady’ – the ghost of an ex-St Mark’s pupil who died in mysterious and tragic circumstances. One night Suzy persuades Frankie to help her contact The Blue Lady via an Ouija Board – and the girls unleash a terrifying spirit who seems set on destroying not only their friendship but Suzy’s sanity. Determined to rescue her friend, Frankie enlists the help of Seth, a mysterious and alluring boy from sister-school St Hilda’s. Seth is as interested in St Mark’s past as Frankie – but does he have as many dark secrets as the school?

200words (or less) review: The Blue Lady begins with Frankie’s arrival St Mark’s College an uppity boarding school with a history of disappearing students. Not that Frankie knows this as the start.

To begin with she is in the process of becoming the “real” Frankie. Having moved schools so many times she is fed up with blending in and wants to be herself. The reason I pick up on this is because Frankie might begin with this intention but as she becomes friends with Suzy she does what Suzy wants, she thinks what Suzy thinks.

The best thing about The Blue Lady is the history of the disappearance and the current haunting. I thought the old letters and articles between chapters worked really well and made the story more interesting.

While I enjoyed the ghost story I did struggle with the characters, particularly Frankie. Her budding romance with Seth wasn’t that convincing as I didn’t think there was enough depth to their interactions to warrant those emotions.

As a ghost story I think The Blue Lady works but I wasn’t attached enough to the main characters to worry about them.

Recommend it?

Yes, for the ghostly mystery. 🙂

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