Serial Hottie by Kelly Oram

How did I get the book? I bought it.

Genre: Contemporary / Mystery

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Synopsis: Hockey-obsessed tomboy Eleanor Westley has never been the object of a guy’s affection before. So when the hottest boy she’s ever seen moves in across the street and starts treating her like she’s the center of his universe, naturally she’s going to be a little skeptical. But everything starts to make sense when girls who look just like Ellie start dying all around the city. Obviously the new guy is the killer, and of course he only likes her because he wants to slice her into tiny pieces. Right? The more Ellie gets to know Seth the more she’s convinced he’s a psychopathic killer. Problem is, he’s the sweetest psychopathic killer she’s ever met. Not to mention he’s brutally hot. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t help but fall for him. Will Ellie find true love, or will her summer of firsts turn out to be a summer of lasts?

200words (or less) review: Serial Hottie very much has me in two minds, on the one hand I really enjoyed the story but on the other Seth’s character is rather disturbing, but given that the whole premise is that Ellie thinks Seth is the killer because he’s so creepy you can’t have the book without it.

The first half of the story is really fun, Ellie’s narration is highly entertaining and I thought she came across as intelligent and brave. The spying on the Seth and their first meeting was great. Then at the halfway point Ellie and her sister seem to swap personalities and the Ellie began to lose my support.

Seth does have moments but on the whole he’s the kind of love interest that makes me think of a giant red ‘no’ flashing above his head. The second half of the story dragged for me but Ellie’s character change might be partly to blame for that.

I did enjoy reading this and think Kelly Oram has a knack for writing stories that keep you reading. There are plenty twists thrown in so you don’t really know who is the killer.

Recommend it?


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