Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys

How did I get the book? I bought it.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Synopsis: Out of the Easy is set against the vivid backdrop of 1950s New Orleans. Written by New York Times bestselling author Ruth Sepetys, this novel has something for everyone: love, mystery, murder, blackmail and warmth.

Josie Moraine wants out of The Big Easy – she needs more than New Orleans can offer. Known locally as a brothel prostitute’s daughter, she dreams of life at an elite college, far away from here.
But then a mysterious death in the Quarter leaves Josie caught between her ambition and a clandestine underworld. New Orleans is luring Josie deeper in as she searches for the truth, and temptation beckons at every turn.

200words (or less) review: I know book cover shouldn’t really factor into reviewing the contents but it was because Out of the Easy’s cover caught my attention that I bought the book in the first place. Combined with the blurb it’s hard to resist.

Josie Moraine is the daughter of a prostitute, she lives and works in a book shop and cleans the rooms at the house her mother works in. Josie’s dream is to leave New Orleans for college, where no one knows her history. I don’t think Josie is instantly likable but the more you get to know her the more Josie steals your heart.

As much as I loved Josie and the writing I do feel there could have been a little more focus for the central plot. There are many stories in Out of the Easy and they all weave together but nothing stands out. Reading it is like take the scenic route instead of a direct path.

The writing is beautiful, there is no better way to describe it and I had not difficulty in picturing Josie’s world. The characters are well developed, though there is an awful lot of them. Personally I loved Willie and Cokie the most.

Recommend it?


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