Welcome to The Library

Since February I’ve been talking about my library. It’s always existed on one form or another but at the beginning of the year I had a massive clean out, getting rid of over 100 books* as well as shuffling the bookcases around and (unsurprisingly) adding a new one.

That was part one. The next step was trying to figure out how to organize all the books. Alphabetically by author? Title? Genre? Colour? Publisher? By size? Hardbacks together? So many options!

In the end I separated the UK authors and gave them their own section. All my books are now split between “read” and “to read”.

Of course there are exceptions; review copies presently have their own bookcase. The shelf above my desk has the books that I’m reviewing that month. Books I plan to read soon or am currently reading are on top of the small bookcase so I can see them from pretty much everywhere within the room and I separated all my German books.


And then there is the VIP bookcase which is the only bookcase in my living room.

VIP Bookcase

VIP Bookcase

How have you sorted your books?

Yes the empty spaces are worrying, I need to do something about that…


*I still feel a little ill :S

4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Library

  1. Yay, how awesome! I finally went out an got a new bookcase this weekend, but haven’t put it together yet. I’m excited to start organizing, though. Right now, ALL of my books are piled — mostly haphazardly, just however they’ll fit — on my one bookcase. Then I have 2 to-read piles on my mantle. I can’t wait to get more organized!

  2. Wow, you’ve got some great bookcases. I’ve just got the one, which is pretty big, but still doesn’t fit everything in it. My books are organised alphabetically by author, with only plays and reference books separate out onto the top shelf and organised the same way. And then, because I have too many books, the rest are placed in front so one shelf has two rows on it. These books are sorted into sets by series or author, and the single books just slotted in wherever they fit best. It works for me!

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