Last Chance Angel by Alex Gutteridge

How did I get the book?  Blogger Event thank you @ Templar

Genre: Contemporary / Paranormal

Synopsis: What would you do for another chance at life?
When Jess is knocked off her bike in a traffic accident, she finds herself at the gates of heaven before her destined death date.
Given one last chance to say goodbye, she heads back to Earth to visit friends and family. Closely kept secrets are revealed to the now-invisible Jess, and one shocking discovery leads her to the biggest choice she’ll ever have to make.

200words (or less) review: When I first heard about Last Chance Angel I was like “aww” it sounds cute, which it is but it’s also a really nice story about a girl growing up and learning to understand her friends and family.

When Darren aka Angel of Death accidently calls Jess to heaven a few days early she gets a second chance, compensation for the mistake so to say. It’s the opportunity to go back and make sure her friends are ok. Deal made Jess returns, invisible to outside world and begins her journey.

Over the course of the book Jess learns a lot about her family and friends. The different ways her clique deal with the aftermath of Jess’s accident makes for interesting reading but what I really loved was the times Jess broke the rules and saw her family.

Nice sounds a boring way to describe Last Change Angel but it’s really not. It’s a well written book with a good protagonist and great character development. I was just happy reading it.

Alex Gutteridge has written an emotional yet not draining story about grief, love and forgiveness.

Recommend it?


Expected publication: 1st June 2013 by Templar

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