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Thank you & HUGS!!!


Luna’s Little Library is 1 today and I have no idea what I’m supposed to talk about. I thought this would be easier.

Ok thing is when I started this blog it was the The-Six-Month-Hurdle I was aiming for. I figured if I got past the first half of a year then I would have proved to myself I could do this. I’d also know how sustainable the whole blog idea was long term…
I passed 6 months and didn’t even notice.

I had little celebrations along the way, like:jk

  • when I reached 100 followers of Twitter
  • first time a post got over 100 views in 1 day
  • the day Jay Kristoff freaked out about my artwork on Twitter
  • when Luna’s Little Library broke 10K views
  • attending book events & meeting fellow bloggers

There is loads more but I am (trying) to keep this relatively short.

Luna’s Little Library started because of I love books and I still do – maybe even more so.

Let’s celebrate!

There should be a thank you giveaway at this point should there? Well you might have noticed that I sometimes create doodles for my blog. So I am giving away:

A full-colour original artwork of your choice!

I will draw either: You, a favourite character from a book or a character from a story you’ve written.

Example 1

Why do you always look weird when you take a picture of yourself?

Example 2

From original to final version

Contest is international as the final artwork will be emailed as PNG/Jpeg file.
I will contact the winner directly to discuss the artwork and time-frame. It should be about 3 weeks from start to completion of the final piece.
I don’t do adult art, this is strictly a PG contest.

Closing date is midnight 4 May 2013.

Click to enter: HERE

EDIT: Winner picked at random via Rafflecopter is: Antoinette Van Kleeff

7 thoughts on “This is where I say…

  1. What a great competition, so unique I love it. And your artwork is fab! If I was lucky enough to win, I’d like a little avator of myself! Happy blogaversary, here’s to many more in the future 🙂

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