Geektastic! Holly Smale Book Party

Originally I was going to bore you with a full write-up but all you need to know is that it was SO MUCH FUN!

Have some pictures instead.

Holly Smale Holly Smale
Holly sitting in & subsequently on the chair. Kawaii much!



BD4wt69CIAIbHqO.jpg large BD5RFm2CMAAlIwH.jpg large BD4-ouWCIAAFe1J.png large



5 thoughts on “Geektastic! Holly Smale Book Party

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  2. Yay!! Pretty pictures!! It was a great day wasn’t it?

    I did a write up, and had to choose which pictures to use as I had so many haha! But I love the one of the five of us! 😀

    here’s my post if you wanna have a looksie; here

    Was great seeing you again ❤

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