A Witch Alone by Ruth Warburton

How did I get the book?  Review copy, in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Paranormal

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Synopsis: Where do you go when your heart has been ripped out?
For Anna there is only one answer; into her past, where the truth about her mother, her power, and her real identity lie hidden.
But as Anna delves deeper into her history, she begins to fear that the truth about what set her mother running may be darker than she ever suspected. With the witches of the world on the brink of war, Seth gone, and her friend Abe wanting more from her than she can possibly give, Anna is in crisis.
As the clouds around her gather, Anna is torn between friends, family and rival tribes of witches and – at the last – between love and magic.

A little over 200words review: A Witch Alone starts a few months after the last book ended. Anna is heartbroken over her split with Seth and is trying to juggle magic lessons, visits to her grandmother and school.

Unlike the previous two titles A Witch Alone follows a slightly more familiar paranormal romance trend. I dislike love-triangles but I will say that in Ruth Warburton’s case it didn’t grate me nearly as much. Abe had been around since book one and because of the way he fit into the story it made sense that Anna would turn to him after Seth’s departure. Plus Abe is a pretty cool character.

A Witch Alone is darker then the first two books and Ruth Warburton is excellent at tugging at the heartstrings. There are many moments that give you pause to think as Anna watches as more and more people she loves get caught in the crossfire. Both Abe and Emmaline provide much needed moments of relief with their one-liners, particularly Emmaline who is still the best character in the whole series.

Overall I think A Witch Alone is a very good conclusion to the trilogy. It is more fantastical in some ways but hasn’t lost what won me over in the first place: excellent writing and believable characters.

Recommend it?


A Witch Alone is due out on the 7th Feb 2013

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