Envy by Gregg Olsen

How did I get the book? I bought it 

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Additional Information: Review does not contain spoilers but I do rant about the ending.

Synopsis: Crime lives–and dies–in the deceptively picture-perfect town of Port Gamble (aka “Empty Coffin”), Washington. Evil lurks and strange things happen–and 15-year-olds Hayley and Taylor Ryan secretly use their wits and their telepathic “twin-sense” to uncover the truth about the town’s victims and culprits.
Envy, the series debut, involves the mysterious death of the twins’ old friend, Katelyn. Was it murder? Suicide? An accident? Hayley and Taylor are determined to find out–and as they investigate, the twins stumble upon a dark truth that is far more disturbing than they ever could have imagined.

200words (or less) review: I really wanted to like Envy, it has everything going for it and while I did struggle a bit with the frequent change of POV in the narration, I enjoyed reading about Hayley and Taylor trying to unravel what had happened to Katelyn.

Envy is very detailed; when you add the masses of characters as well it’s easy to get lost. Occasionally the writing comes across as very deliberate, creating ‘atmosphere’ but not actually helping the story. I predicted some of the outcome, not all of it, and was quite happy to invest in the next book in the serious until I reached the last few chapters.

My problem with the ending isn’t the resolution to Katelyn’s mystery but relates to the subplot. The chapter on page 282 ends with “It had to be done”. No it did not. There are many other ways this could have ended most of which would not have resulted in me completely losing all respect for the protagonists.

Recommend it?

Not sure.

One thought on “Envy by Gregg Olsen

  1. Wow, That is just way too many Ys in the three main character names. That alone would put me off a little, just because it seems unnecessary and annoying (or maybe I’m just feeling extra snobby right now).

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