Zombies Don’t Cry UK Giveaway

This is what happened…

I was asked to take part in Rusty Fisher’s blog tour and received my uncorrected proof two weeks ago. Last week I received an email from Electric Monkey telling me I won a copy in the competition I entered back in July (the one I completely forgot about).

So I’m giving away the second! 🙂

Just leave a comment with your twitter name or email and the winner will be announced Monday the 24 September 2012.

The giveaway is open to UK addresses only.*

Good luck!

Zombies Don’t Cry by Rusty Fisher

Maddy Swift is just a normal girl—a high school junior surviving class with her best friend and hoping the yummy new kid, Stamp, will ask her out. When he finally does, her whole life changes.
Sneaking out to meet Stamp at a party one rainy night, Maddy is struck by lightning. After awakening, she feels lucky to be alive. Over time, however, Maddy realizes that she’s become the thing she and everyone else fear most: the living dead.
With no heartbeat and no breath in her lungs, Maddy must learn how to survive as a zombie. Turns out there’s a lot more to it than shuffling around 24/7 growling, “Brains.” Needing an afterlife makeover is only the beginning of her problems. As Barracuda Bay High faces zombie Armageddon, Maddy must summon all of her strength to protect what matters most—just as soon as she figures out exactly what that is.

*If you want to pay for postage
I’ll happily send this anywhere.

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