Interview with Susan Dennard

One of my favourite books this month was Something Strange & Deadly – which is awesome, review here

I asked Susan Dennard if she’d be stop by for an interview and she very kindly agreed.

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Best thing about being a published author?
Talking to readers! Getting emails and tweets, talking to readers at signings–it’s an AMAZING feeling.

So what’s living in Germany like?
We actually recently left Germany, BUT I have to say I loved my time there! It’s such a clean country–no litter, no grime–and the people are so friendly. And the food!! Oh goodness, nothing is quite so satisfying as a rot bratwurst on a cold winter’s day.
Luna: I miss Currywurst & Pommes myself.*

From all the characters in Something Strange & Deadly, which one is the closest to you?
As odd is it might sound, I think I’m most like Daniel. We’re both better suited to work than people-interaction (he has his machines; I have my writing). He also has a strong sense of guilt–an inability to forgive himself for the past–and that’s something I very much relate to.

While you were writing Something Strange & Deadly how did you deal with writers block? Any tips you can pass along?
I had the hardest time with the ending! I just couldn’t see how everything would come together, and it was actually the very last piece I wrote. I had an ending, but–as my critique partner rightfully told me–it was terrible. The first 75% was written and rewritten and revised a million times….but that ending–OY! it wasn’t until literally a few days before I started querying that the true end just HIT me in a flash! I furiously typed it all out. Very little changed between what I wrote and what’s in the world now!

After A Darkness Strange and Lovely do you have any more adventure’s planned for Eleanor & The Spirit Hunters?
Well, there’s the final book in the trilogy (which is currently untitled) and also at least one novella set to come out (hopefully) before A DARKNESS STRANGE AND LOVELY. As for more adventures after that, we shall simply have to see. 😉

Everybody who visits has to do the

Quickfire round:


Can you recommend a book to read?
Well, if you liked my book, then I think you’ll love M.K. Hobson’s THE NATIVE STAR
Luna: This has been ordered, I’ll let you know what happens. 😉

Tea or Coffee?
COFFEE!!! I cannot live without.

You can have one superpower, what would you like?
To breathe underwater. I alwaysalwaysalways wanted to be able to go check out the ocean without masks or tanks between me and the creatures.

What’s your favorite dish (that you can cook)?
Pretty much anything spicy. I love chili peppers and red curry. I’ll add those to pasta dishes or stir fries, and I’m instantly happy.

What word describes you best?
Determined. (Or…stubborn. ;))

And finally, what is the question you wish people would ask and never do?
Oh goodness, I spent a solid 15 minutes mulling this question over, and I came up blank. Everything I thought of, someone HAS asked. Sorry! Total fail here…


Something Strange & Deadly is out now!

A Darkness Strange and Lovely is scheduled for release in 2013.

*full disclosure; I lived in Germany for 13 years
and I’m still seriously pining for the food.

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