Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris

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I bought it.

Genre: Horror

First Impression: You’re so small and floppy (@ the quality of the import, not the story.)

Synopsis: Someone’s been a very bad zombie.
Kate Grable is horrified to find out that the football coach has given the team steroids. Worse yet, the steriods are having an unexpected effect, turning hot gridiron hunks into mindless flesh-eating zombies. No one is safe–not her cute crush Aaron, not her dorky brother, Jonah . . . not even Kate! She’s got to find an antidote–before her entire high school ends up eating each other. So Kate, her best girlfriend, Rocky, and Aaron stage a frantic battle to save their town . . . and stay hormonally human.

200words (or less) review: I saw this last year and have been patiently waiting for it to be published in the UK. I’m not sure what went wrong but it’s only available as import. A shame really because I think it would do well. The cover is striking and the blurb grabs you.

Bad Taste in Boys is sort of what I wanted; it’s fun, sassy, somewhat ridiculous but great entertainment. Kate annoyed me in parts but her narration really makes the book so I didn’t mind all that much. I didn’t get Aaron, I think I’d have liked him better as a Zombie – that might be my twistedness.
Zombie boyfriend hunts girlfriend to try and eat her… 😉

So the love part of this Zombie High School Drama didn’t work for me. What did was the fact that Carrie Harris wasted no time in getting the action started and once it did it just never stopped. The book is relatively short compared to most I’ve read this year but I think it’s actually better for it. This story just wouldn’t work the same way otherwise.

If you’re after something fun and exciting with Zombies, this is the book for you.

Recommend it?


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