Girl, Aloud by Emily Gale

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How did I get the book? Bought it, recommended by Luisa Plaja

Genre: Contemporary

First Impression: Meh

Synopsis: Kass Kennedy is in the spotlight, thanks to her Dad. He plans on selling her soul to the Devil – or at any rate to Simon Cowell when she finds herself pushed into an X-Factor audition. Kass could just say no, but her dad’s manic-depressive mood swings are a constant worry and he has her in an emotional half-Nelson. Just when things couldn’t get worse, Kass falls for a gorgeous older boy, also named Cass. She’s amazed when he appears to like her, but it turns out this boy, is her best friend’s long-term crush. What’s a girl to do? Everything Kass thought she understood starts to fall apart and the only person she can turn to …grumpy Simon Cowell (literally in her dreams). She might not be able to sing her way out of a paper bag, but Kass discovers that she isn’t a choker when it comes to sorting out real life.

200words (or less) review: Both the cover and blurb of Girl, Aloud do this book a disservice. It’s a really wonderful, desperately sad story of a girl who is forced to “perform” because her father is convinced she is special, when all Kass wants to be is ordinary.

Being at the centre of her Dad’s moods means that Kass has tried everything on his quest to prove she isn’t just any girl. Musical instruments, world chess champion, actress – and each time Kass fails her Dad goes into a Down period. When he decides that she is a singer and needs to audition for the X-Factor Kass has no choice because while her father is impossible Up he is so much worse Down.

Girl, Aloud follows Kass as she tries to cope with her Dad’s latest impossible project, her friends deserting her and discovering her family has more secrets then she imagined.

It took barely the first page for me to love this book, Emily Gale has a wonderful way of bringing humour to story that is very touching. Kass is a really strong person who tries to make her father happy because she thinks it her responsibility.
I am so glad I read this.

Recommend it?


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