Kissing Booth by Lexie Hill

The Pink Thing: Book 18

click meHow did I get the book? I bought it.

Genre: Contemporary

First Impression: No thinking required.

Synopsis: Who doesn’t love a fun, old-fashioned Kissing Booth? Maybe not the protagonist in this adorable, sweet YA novel.
Lisi has never been kissed. Sure, she could practice on her guy friend, Johnny, but he’s like a brother to her! So when it comes time to pick a theme for the Spring Carnival booth, Lisi suggests a “Kissing Booth,” hoping it will give her the chance to get a cheek-kiss from her crush, the handsome, popular Brett. But on the day of the carnival, as rumors fly and kisses are stolen, Lisi discovers that the person she should really kiss may have been right in front of her all along.

200words (or less) review: Kissing Booth fell into the category of books I buy when I need something nice that will make me smile and promises a happy ending. I got exactly what I asked for.

NBK = Never Been Kissed. That in a nutshell is Lisi’s problem. When the grand prize for the most money raised at the Spring Carnival is a trip to New York Lisi thinks she can solve it with a Kissing Booth. A chance to visit NYC and get rid of her NBK status, perfect!

Kissing Booth is a relatively short story narrated by Lisi who is sweet but gets herself muddled in lies in order to win this contest and the kiss from Brett, the guy she’s been crushing on forever.

There aren’t really any big surprises but I didn’t mind that as Kissing Booth was what I was expecting.

Recommend it?


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