Watching the Roses by Adele Geras

click meThe Pink Thing: Book 17

How did I get the book? I bought it.

Genre: Fairytale Retelling

First Impression: Don’t remember, I bought this years ago.  

Synopsis: In this retelling of “Sleeping Beauty,” Alice seems destined to lead a princess’s life–except for the frightening curse that dreaded Aunt Violette bestowed at her christening: She will die at the age of eighteen. Although she lives, something horrible happens on her eighteenth birthday. And as a result, Alice falls into a trancelike state and refuses to speak to anyone. Will she ever recover?

200words (or less) review: Watching the Roses is book two in Egerton Hall Trilogy. All three books are modern Fairytale retellings of three girls Megan, Bella and Alice.

Alice’s story is based on Sleeping Beauty. The book is very short, narrated by Alice who is locked away in her room writing in secret. The family doctor has diagnosed her listlessness and silence as her being “nervously exhausted”.

Everything hinges on what happened on Alice’s 18th birthday which is slowly unravelled along with her family and friends trying to “wake” Alice.

Watching the Roses is the darkest of the trilogy and works well as a standalone. You don’t need the other two to follow or care about Alice. I liked the book and rescued it from my lost last month so I could re-read it.

Recommend it?


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