Pop! by Catherine Bruton

click meHow did I get the book?   I bought it.

Genre: Contemporary

First Impression: If you say so.
(My thoughts at @StorytellersInc telling me I should read it.)

Synopsis: We had the best plan. It was genius: a sure-fire golden ticket to stratospheric stardom and loads of money! It was so massive it was going to change our lives forever.
Agnes, Jimmy, baby Alfie and I were going to become reality show super stars.
I had it all worked out. We had a brilliant back story. Tears, tragedy,
heartfelt close up shots of me and Baby Alfie, feuding families,
star crossed lovers… It’s all there! Plus we had a surprise package
– Agnes and her amazing voice. You would never have picked it and
surprise packages ALWAYS make it to the top ten!
We couldn’t loose.
Or that was the plan…

200 words (or less) review: Pop! is gritty, funny and heart-breaking. We start the Elfie explaining that she is good at making up stories and she knows how to win TV talent shows. Elfie is fourteen when her mum walks out on her, her baby brother and their father. Elfie’s mum, we learn, does this a lot and Elfie is left literally holding the baby.

With her father head of the strike committee tensions are high and money is short in the neighbourhood. Elfie is worrying about money for nappies and stays of school so she can look after her little brother.

Her best friend Jimmy is training to be a professional swimmer – pushed by his father who wants to give him a way out. Agnes is the daughter of one of the foreign contract workers making her an outcast hated by everyone.

All three tell us the story of Elfie’s mad plan to enter a localised TV talent show so they can win the prize money.

Despite all the gloom Pop! is hilarious poking fun at talent shows and their judges while dealing with racism, love and loyalty.

Recommend it?


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