Falling by Sharon Dogar

click meThe Pink Thing: Book 14

How did I get the book?   Birthday Present.

Genre: Contemporary

Additional Information: Falling is pretty much everything The Pink Thing is about. It’s a book that looks like one thing but is something else entirely – but in this case I honestly don’t know if that’s a good thing.

Synopsis: Neesha is afraid – haunted by the fragments of a nightmare about a girl falling, far away and a long time ago.
Just when the echoes in her head threaten to overwhelm her, a boy unexpectedly comes to her rescue.
Handsome and talented, Sammy finds himself strangely drawn to Neesha – but it’s only when they come together, that they begin to realise why.
Are they falling in love or being pulled into the past – fated to replay a love affair that ended in blood?

200 words (or less) review: It took me a long while to get caught up in the story, part of the problem was that there are four different voices telling you two stories, taking place at different times, in different countries.

My other problem is that I don’t think this story works as a modern tale. That’s not because I don’t think what happens couldn’t happen now but it’s that the characters just seem so out of place. There are swear words/slang but they don’t fit, they feel put there to remind the reader that this is now not then.

A few instances that made no sense to me, if Sammy is in Neesha’s class then surely he should be her age? In which case how could he be legally driving? There was nothing to suggest he’d been held back or Neesha had skipped. There were more of these and as a reader I shouldn’t be trying to work that out, I should be focusing on the story.

Sharon Dogar definitely has a unique style and if this had been set in another time or written as fantasy or urban fairytale I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

Recommend it?

I don’t know.

2 thoughts on “Falling by Sharon Dogar

  1. where can you read the whole book online please i read a bit a school but i want to read it online it’s easyer plz someone tell me

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